Seien Sie Ihren Wettbewerbern immer einen Schritt voraus – mit dem zanox Seasonal Calendar 2015

Häufig sind saisonale Anlässe der Auslöser für die besonders salesstarken Phasen im Laufe eines Jahres. Das war für uns Grund genug, uns zusammenzusetzen, diese zusammenzutragen und übersichtlich aufzubereiten. Herausgekommen ist unser zanox Seasonal Calendar 2015.  …
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Affiliate Window’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

From sweet treats to special gifts to romantic getaways let Affiliate Window help you play cupid this Valentine’s Day. No matter who your site visitors are
shopping for, we’ve handpicked gifts for him, her and even the kids this year!

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Cards and Decorations

Whether decorating for Valentine’s Day or buying a card for that special someone our merchants have you covered.  Etsy offers a great selection of handmade products for Valentine’s Day such as wreaths, personalized gifts, home gifts and decorations.  Looking for something a little simpler? Paperchase helps send your Valentine a special message with a wide selection of cards and stationary.



1. Decorations l  2. Cards

Classic Gifts

Looking for something traditional? Surprise your valentine this season with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, a box of chocolates or both! Organic Bouquet has a wide selection of great items to give your special someone. Or maybe a quirky, fun, unique gift? is the perfect site to give your Valentine stuff they really want.

 1. Rose’s l 2. Fondue l 3. Heart Candles l 4. Chocolates

Women’s Fashion

No matter what type of plans you have this Valentine’s Day, our merchants will have you looking your best. Spending the night at home? Plum Pretty Sugar and Coyuchi  offer full pajama sets, loungewear and robes. Heading out for date night? Superdry,Jack Wills and DrJays offer romantic dresses and outfits for any occasion.


 1. Pajamas l 2. Dresses l 3. Robes

 Men’s Fashion

Stay festive with date night apparel in a Valentine’s inspired color palate from Dr. Jays and Superdry. Let your shoppers know these amazing outfit choices are a definite way to make a lasting impression.  Red not really your color? Fun and quirky t-shirts from CafePress will put everyone in a good mood. From funny sayings to sweet saying these shirts are sure to be a big hit.



 1. Button down l 2. T-Shirts l 3. Socks l 4. Pants

Children’s Fashion

AlexandAlexa always have the perfect clothing selection for little ones when it comes to the holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  This festive heart sweater and red button shirt will make for one adorable holiday-themed ensemble.


 1. Onesie l 2. Button Shirt l 3. Sweater


Lookfantastic and Mankind are the perfect place to shop for products when you want to look your best. Better yet, pamper your sweetheart with a gift set so they can always be polished and primped for that special date night.


 1. Makeup l 2. Male Grooming


Everyone knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so make her feel extra special on Valentine’s Day with these great pieces.  With merchants such as Swarovski, Isharya and The Jewel Hut you can’t go wrong!

 1. Heart Necklace l 2. Earrings l 3. Pandora Bracelet


Looking for something different to do this Valentine’s Day? Wizard World-Comic Con, in Indianapolis, is taking place over Valentine’s Day weekend so don’t hesitate, get dressed up and check out the fun with that special someone.

Direct your site visitors to the event via the following link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=


Join in on the Valentine’s Day celebrations in a city near or far. Wherever you choose to spend this romantic holiday, our travel merchants have you covered to make sure your stay is spectacular!

Hyatt Hotel’s worldwide collection consists of over 500 properties in 46 countries. If you’re looking to impress, Hyatt has something for every type of traveler. Book with them today for amazing deals!

Caesar’s Entertainment is the world’s most geographically diversified casino-entertainment company. Let them amp up the fun this Valentine’s Day for a weekend getaway your sweetheart will never forget.

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How to Become a Travel ‘Super Affiliate’

There is one certainty about the digital consumer: they will shop how they want to shop. Mere marketers like us must either assist them with their purchase journey, or make way for someone else that will.

The online travel industry is fiercely competitive and digitally-savvy holiday makers have dwindling patience for websites that waste their precious time. Price-led sites such as Skyscanner and content-led sites such as TripAdvisor dominate the online space because their core offering is to make it as easy as possible for travellers to research and book their holidays. They refrain from monetising users at every possible moment, but in return they have built a level of consumer trust and loyalty worth millions.

With that in mind, let’s look at how would-be travel super affiliates can set about carving their own name in this competitive market.

Which part of the journey will you assist?

The purchase journey on a holiday booking is extremely complex, typically lasting 45 days and involving visits to as many as 38 different websites – not to mention all of the offline influencers! However when broken down to the bare basics, there are three key identifiable stages:

1)      Inspiration

Travellers will typically look at a variety of sources when searching for holiday inspiration – friends, travel guides, television and of course the internet. This is where authentic, knowledgeable content comes into its own. Fun, well-written travel blogs offer a huge amount of value to those looking for ideas, but keep reviews honest and unbiased, and be upfront about use of affiliate links or any other incentives you have received. Your credibility will suffer if users feel misled. To boost the volume and diversity of your content, why not consider teaming up with a handful of other travel bloggers and using your combined knowledge and experience to give your readers an even wider source of inspiration?

There is nothing wrong with using great prices to encourage conversions at this early stage in the journey. Travelzoo’s award-winning Top 20 email has achieved success by strictly vetting the deals that they include, only showing the best offers that can often be made as impulse purchases. In return for protecting the integrity of their email, Travelzoo sees much stronger conversions on this newsletter than many other email providers in the travel sector.

2)      Advice

Once a customer has a rough idea of the destination they want to visit, the pool of information sources they use changes. Travellers want to know what the local area has to offer, ideal hotel locations, information on currency, flight length, weather, language and culture. Destination-focused websites like that have detailed local knowledge are in a unique position to offer users invaluable information that can make the difference between booking their trip or backing out. Another example of an affiliate tackling the “advice” stage is Weather2Travel, who have carved out a niche for themselves advising on where to travel to get the best weather, and incorporating inspirational blog posts and price-led deals to boot.

3)      Price comparison

This is the final stage before booking, and it is so easy to get wrong when short term gains are put in front of long term user relationships. I could (but I won’t) list dozens of price-comparison sites who choose to weight results according to how much money they are paid, instead of offering the best value for the users. This may make more money from your existing traffic, but your customer base will never grow if you put your own profits before the user’s needs – and neither will your affiliate revenues. Sites such as Skyscanner have built up an incredible level of trust with their users, who know that they will always be given the best prices on their flights for the parameters they have searched for. Instead of trying to drive users to a less competitive deal to make a slightly higher eCPC, give your users what they are looking for – an easy link to the best deal. That is the only way to make sure that they keep coming back.


The only way to be sure that you are giving users what they need is to allow them to talk to you. Keep lines of communication open and make your users feel involved and invested in your site. Offer the opportunity to run guest posts, run competitions, even organise events if the demand is there. Give your users a reason to keep returning, and give them something to engage with as a reward for their loyalty.

Look to build relationships with the main players in the travel industry. Whether working through agencies, networks or directly with advertisers, make an effort to get to know your main contacts and find out what their goals are. You will not only put yourself in the best position to decide how to drive the highest quality of traffic, but the merchant’s marketing teams will also be able to tailor the assets they give you to best suit your business model. You also put yourself in the best position to receive exclusive rates and offers that would not normally be offered to the majority of longtail affiliates.

Stay true to your values

If your core value is always to offer the very best prices to the users, don’t let this be compromised. If you have promised to always provide unbiased information, don’t let sponsored “native” stories outnumber your neutral content. Customers are aware of these tactics and unsurprisingly, most find them pretty frustrating.

As an affiliate website, the most valuable thing you can possess is a large, loyal user base that trusts you to put their needs first. You may occasionally come under pressure from merchants to bend these rules that you have set for your business, but by staying true to your values you will be in the best position to offer advertisers what they want the most: traffic from users who have the knowledge and confidence to complete their booking.




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zanox marketingkalender 2015


Om ook dit jaar niks te missen is er een nieuwe zanox marketingkalender gemaakt. Salespieken zijn vaak afhankelijk van seizoensinvloeden en daarom hebben wij van deze trends in 2015 alle belangrijke momenten, promotionele thema’s en events inzichtelijk gemaakt. Ideaal om te gebruiken bij het maken je eigen contentstrategie planning in 2015!

Alle data in een kalender 

Dit jaar hebben we een verbeterde editie van eerdere kalenders gemaakt doordat we verschillende elementen hebben samengevoegd. Zo vind je naast de zanox events ook andere relevante branche-events, feestdagen, vakanties en overige lokale en internationale events. Met de vernieuwde versie kun je heel gemakkelijk interessante promotionele mogelijkheden spotten zoals lentetrends, iphonelanceringen of vakantiegeld!

Valentijn @zanox 

Zoals je ziet in de kalender staat het eerste promotionele thema al voor de deur: Valentijn! Volgende week zullen wij alle consumentenacties binnen dit thema delen via een speciale nieuwsbrief en landingspagina. We hebben al veel leuke en romantische promoties binnen, dus houd je mailbox en ons twitter account (@zanox_nl) in de gaten voor alle updates.

Print de kalender

Klik op onderstaande afbeelding om de kalender op A1 formaat uit te printen. Succes met het maken van jouw planning voor 2015!

mrkt kalender

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Sixt rent a car setzt in D/A/CH seit 20.01.2015 exklusiv auf affilinet

Für Deutschlands Autovermieter Nummer eins zählt nicht nur Mobilität nach Maß, auch das Affiliate Marketing des Unternehmens muss den Bedürfnissen des stark expandieren Players entsprechen. Sixt rent a car ist daher seit dem 20.01.2015 bei affilinet neu gestartet.

Der Autovermieter hat damit eine strategische Entscheidung für die Zukunft seines Partnerprogramms getroffen hin zu einem verstärkten Ausbau des Longtails und einer Intensivierung der Partnerschaften mit Content Publishern.

Trotz Markführerschaft auf dem Heimatmarkt Deutschland, stehen die Zeichen bei Sixt also weiter auf Wachstum!

Und davon sollen auch die Sixt Partner profitieren: „Wichtig ist uns, mit den Publishern und dem Netzwerk partnerschaftlich und im gegenseitigen Vertrauen zu arbeiten“, meint Konstantin Lahmann, Senior Online Marketing Manager bei Sixt. „affilinet steht für einen starken Longtail und bietet sowohl den Partnern, als auch uns selbst die technologisch optimale Oberfläche und einen zuverlässigen Support. Auch beim Thema Fraud-Prävention und Fraud-Bekämpfung sehen wir uns bei affilinet bestens aufgestellt.“

Sixt rent a car wird u.a. unseren Match Master und das Gutscheintool nutzen.

Zum Start des Partnerprogramms bei affilinet wartet Sixt mit doppelter Provision und 15% Endkundenrabatt auf!

sixt rent a car



Startaktion (Aktionszeitraum 20. Januar bis einschl. 15. Februar 2015)

  • Aktionsvergütung: DOPPELTE Provision >> 10% pro Sale für Sie!
  • Endkundenaktion: bis zu 15% Rabatt auf Anmietungen weltweit


  • 3 x 200,- € Sixt Wertgutschein (weitere Infos findet ihr in der Programmbeschreibung)


Jetzt gleich anmelden beim exklusiven Sixt rent a car – Partnerprogramm!

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Seasonal calendar 2015

Under årets gång är säljpeakar ofta beroende av säsong så vi har samlat en kalender med speciella dagar under året. Dessa dagar drivs ofta genom en ökad försäljning så det brukar vara bra tillfällen till att köra lite extra kampanjer för att få ut sitt varumärke och öka försäljningarna ytterligare. En kalender med alla datum […]
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A zanox dá 5 dicas para evitar o abandono de carrinho no e-commerce

Confira essas ótimas dicas para evitar o abandono de carrinho no e-commerce.

1. Crie alertas para que o consumidor seja avisado antes de fechar a janela do carrinho

2. Invista em retargeting dentro do próprio site

3. Conheça o perfil do seu público

4. Ofereça cupons de descontos para produtos que já foram de interesse desse consumidor

5. O valor do frete e o prazo de entrega do produto podem ser decisivos

Clique aqui para obter mais informações.

Por: Fernanda Da Silva, Key account publisher manager da zanox.



Wyprzedź konkurencję z zanox Seasonal Calendar 2015

zanox Seasonal Calendar 2015W ciągu roku sprzedaż często waha się w zależności od świąt, dni wolnych i innych okazji. Postanowiliśmy więc zestawić ważne okresy 2015 roku, które mają kluczowe znaczenie dla zwiększenia twojej sprzedaż.

Celem stworzenia zanox Seasonal Calendar było umożliwienie Ci szybkiego przeglądu najważniejszych dat w 2015 roku i tym samym ułatwienia planowania strategii na 2015.

Jeden kalendarz dla wszystkich dat

W tym roku ulepszyliśmy nasz kalendarz tak, by zawierał wszystkie eventy zanox, jak i również powiązane imprezy branżowe, ustawowe okresy wolne od pracy i inne zarówno globalne, jak i lokalne dni zwiększające sprzedaż. Nowa wersja z łatwością pozwoli Ci dostosować sprzedaż do takich wydarzeń jak Summer i Winter Rally, wspomagając w planowaniu.

Wersja do wydruku

Kliknij obraz poniżej, aby ściągnąć kalendarz w formacie A1 gotowy do wydruku. Życzymy Ci  efektywnych planów i jak najwięcej sukcesów na rok 2015!

zanox seasonal calendar 2015 print

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