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Hallo liebe Publisher, in den kommenden Wochen werden wir ein paar Änderungen an unserem Publisher Newsletter vornehmen. Das beinhaltet sowohl einen frischen, neuen Look, als auch das Versandverfahren. Bisher werden unsere Newsletter an alle unsere …

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Publisher Spotlight: Fittery

Fittery logoAccording to customer research, ‘fit’ is the #1 reason fashion items are returned. What’s more, 75% of consumers would choose a shopping site with a fit solution over one without, while a site with a fit solution would make shoppers 72% more likely to purchase online.

Enter Fittery, a soon-to-be launched marketplace destination usable across all devices, which enables shoppers to search for apparel matching their size and shape across a wide selection of brands.

Bringing together a combined 27 years of experience with ecommerce marketplace solutions including, The Home Depot and UPS, Catherine Iger and Greg Vilines founded Fittery after spotting a gap in the market for helping shoppers find perfectly-fitting clothes, an issue they found with their own online shopping experiences.

screenshot 1

How does it work?

After inputting body measurement and fit preferences, Fittery’s FitMatch algorithm presents a range of clothing options from a database of products across many brands for the shopper to browse, rated by how well they fit their body. What’s more, Fittery explains how each garment will fit to determine the best size recommendation.

Fittery plans to launch beta in June, starting with men’s button-front shirts (casual and dress) and accessories, and then launch nationally in August. The site will use a range of promotional methods to drive traffic including targeting influencers on social, SEO, PR with womenswear, tech and menswear publications, paid search engine marketing and social, and email marketing.

In order for retailer’s products to be included in Fittery’s database, the following measurements are required: collar, arm length, chest and waist. Optional measurements include seat/sweep, body length, shoulder width and bicep width which are recommended in order to create more complete matches for shoppers.

Screenshot 2

What else do you need to know?

  • ‘Fit’ is the #1 driver of brand loyalty for shoppers, while 60% of returns are fit-related, representing $ 17.9bn in lost sales to brands.  Fittery aim to help reduce returns, because consumers know what will fit before they buy.
  • Retailers only pay when customers buy
  • Retailers are able to gain insights into what types of fit work best for their customers

If you’re interested in partnering with Fittery, please contact Catherine Iger.

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So, what exactly is affiliate marketing?

I recently attended a dinner with a number of peers and they all had very different views and opinions on what affiliate marketing stands for in 2015. This highlighted a niggling concern I have had for a while; the lines have blurred between what affiliate marketers have responsibility for in the digital and marketing landscape versus display, social, search, email, etc. Even those that work in the channel find it hard to have a unified consensus on what it actually means. If we as the industry leaders are confused, then so is everyone else. So, here is my two cents on what I think affiliate marketing means in today’s digital world.

To understand where we are now, it is important to look back to 1994 when the affiliate marketing channel was born. The USP and differentiation for the affiliate channel in those days was that it was remunerated on sales only. Commission was only paid to the affiliate if a sale was made, making it a risk free channel for advertisers. In the early days, this was particularly valuable for advertisers as they could rely on affiliates to sit within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) on their behalf, allowing the affiliate to take the risk of conversion. This created a group of extremely talented affiliates whose main aim was converting customers and securing a sale. The affiliate channel diversified beyond just search, into display, content, niche interest, price comparison and eventually cashback / reward and voucher, through which we now see a large percentage of spend running (57% according to the latest IAB OPM study).

Today, affiliate marketers remain the conversion experts and the majority of affiliate activity is paid for on a cost per acquisition basis, i.e. only when a sale is made. This Pay-per-Sale (PPS) payment model is still a unique part of the affiliate channel, but now it has to evolve beyond that. The model lends itself favourably to the end of funnel converters – cashback, voucher, price comparison sites, but less so to the hundreds and thousands of affiliates who drive quality traffic and customers higher up the funnel. That’s not to mention the number of affiliates who lose out on remuneration because they are overwritten by the advertiser’s own brand search, retargeting or email activity.

What does the affiliate channel look like in 2015?

So what does the affiliate channel look like today? And what will it look like in the future if it’s not just about PPS?

Think of the affiliate channel as a microcosm of the digital landscape. Within the affiliate space, you can find all aspects of digital and traditional marketing, from search, SEO, email and social, to display, content marketing and promotions. So why should you work in the affiliate channel and not just go direct to those other channels?

The affiliate channel provides you with an exclusive and diverse reach that you can’t access through other disciplines and allows you to test in a risk adverse manner. Whilst, the majority of affiliate sales result from cashback, reward and price comparison channels advertisers also have access to tens of thousands of content sites which are inaccessible via any other channel. Accounting for 50% of the channel in terms of number of affiliates these bloggers and content sites alike, are what make the channel unique. We can match an advertiser to a network of affiliate websites and automate one-to-many relationships as well as nurture and support relationships with the bigger affiliate partners. Can you name another marketing channel with the ability to do this at scale?

In addition to managing and connecting advertisers with hundreds of affiliates, the affiliate channel also provides a wide range of innovative technology in data feeds, detailed tracking and attribution technology, a range of tools for affiliates to use to help convert customers, mobile tracking, cross-device tracking, content seeding and sampling…I could go on and on.

Finally, the last component needed in defining the channel lies within the affiliate networks themselves. Affiliate networks are a platform for both affiliates and advertisers that allow the smooth running, coordination and management of a tailor-made affiliate programme. For advertisers this means a programme that reaches thousands of affiliates who promote their brand to the customers they are trying to engage with. The networks provide the specialised resources and technology to execute a large number of campaigns across a diverse affiliate base. On top of this, affiliate networks offer an account managed service that is delivered by a group of expert consultants in the channel, from either an advertiser delivery, affiliate management and recruitment, or a technology perspective, and more often than not, all three.

What does the affiliate channel look like beyond 2015?

Lastly, it’s worth addressing the future of affiliate marketing. The channel has been around for over 20 years and continues to grow and develop year-on-year. It has stood the test of time because it is a dynamic channel that adapts to its current environment, seeking to innovate and progress.

The channel has been and will continue to be an incubator for new technologies with tech players such as Criteo, VE Interactive and SaleCycle all initially dipping their toes in the water via the affiliate channel. We can expect to see programmatic techniques appearing within the channel as it evolves and continues to drive efficiencies for advertisers. The channel will continue to attract new and exciting affiliates to work with and explore new ways to support advertisers in their digital marketing strategies. The payment model will always be predominantly about PPS, last click attribution, but I expect the channel to also develop further attribution and payment models such as Cost-per-Click (CPC) and Cost-per-Mile (CPM), aligning with other marketing disciplines. Affiliates can and are driving valuable traffic higher up the consumer journey, and those advertisers that embrace that in the affiliate channel will be most successful in acquiring customers via all of their digital and offline channels.

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Beste publishers, In de komende weken gaan we een paar interessante veranderingen doorvoeren in onze nieuwsbrieven! De vernieuwde nieuwsbrief met een frisse look en overzichtelijke weergave van promoties zal voortaan iedere maandag in je inbox verschijnen. Om iedereen in ons netwerk zo goed mogelijk te blijven bedienen zal er ook iets veranderen in de manier waarop we de nieuwsbrieven versturen. Met ingang van juli 2015 zal de nieuwsbrief verspreid worden door een inschrijving met hulp van een opt-in optie die de huidige (automatische) verzending onder alle publishers in het netwerk vervangt. Op deze manier zijn wij er zeker van dat jij alleen de nieuwsbrief ontvangt als je daarin geïnteresseerd bent.

Schrijf je nu in zodat je geen top promoties, nieuwe programma’s, tips voor publishers, rally’s met spectaculaire prijzen, nieuws en ontwikkelingen mist!

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Nordic e-commerce och frukostseminarium

Som tidigare nämnt hade vi ett frukostseminarium med Kevin Edwards här på kontoret i tisdags. Efter det åkte vi iväg mot Nordic e-commerce där Kevin höll två dragningar under lunchpausen. Det vart fullsatt båda gångerna och vill säga ett stort tack till alla som kom till kontoret och till Nordic e-commerce och lyssnade på Kevin. Vi […]

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Olá Afiliados,

pub newsDurante as próximas semanas estaremos fazendo mudanças nas nossas newsletters de afiliados. Contaremos com uma nova apresentação e forma de distribuição. Geralmente, as newsletters são enviadas para a nossa base de afiliados. Para assegurar que este é o recurso certo para você e seu negócio, começaremos a dispará-las a partir do dia 1ro de Julho, através de uma nova ferramenta, substituindo a distribuição automâtica de todos os afiliados da rede.

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Nexterio PL – nowy program w zanox

Sklep oferuje produkty dla domu i ogrodu. wyróżnia szeroka oferta renomowanych marek w świetnych cenach, Cersanit, Barlinek, Karcher, Bosch, Roca, Friskas, Grohe, Opoczno.
Korzyści stale komunikowane internautom to:

a) Gwarancja niskiej ceny
b) Bezpłatna dostawa
c) Bezterminowy zwrot
d) Towary dostępne od ręki

Dodatkowo sklep przygotowuje gazetki promocyjne i szeroką gamę produktów z gwarancją NAJNIŻSZEJ CENY.

Stawka: 4% CPS

Link do programu

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Publisher Stories: Deepak Tailor,

trophyAs part of our ‘publisher stories’ campaign, we’re asking publishers to share their affiliate marketing journeys, to help highlight the benefits that being part of our industry can bring to budding entrepreneurs.

Next to share their story is Deepak Tailor, founder and owner of, a site dedicated to finding the latest, genuine freebie offers from UK companies for consumers.

How long have you worked in affiliate marketing and how did you get started?

I started my first website when I was 17 while still doing my GCSE’s.  From a young age, I was intrigued by how people made money from the Internet. After reading lots of blogs and doing lots of Googling, I decided to buy my own server and launch my first website.

What was your first venture and how did it work?

The first website was a free SIM card comparison engine. It was a simple one-page website that listed all the mobile networks that were giving away free SIMs. My aim was to get the website ranked high on Google so I could use the free traffic to generate leads for the mobile networks.

Funnily enough, it started my addiction of learning how to get paid to promote freebies, so that’s where the idea for my LatestFreeStuff website came from!

How long did it take to start making sales?

The website started making money straight away and revenue earned exceeded all my expectations! I started optimising the website to make all links perform better and tried to negotiate premium placements for the best converting networks.

When did you decide to make affiliate marketing a career?

Affiliate marketing only became full-time career option for me in the last few years. As LatestFreeStuff grew, I realised that as long as I could keep attracting new members to the site and getting regular campaigns to promote, everything would be scalable enough to run the website as a full time project.

Was it first time success, or were there some tricky times along the way?

It was really difficult at the start, I struggled to get companies to work with us. The website was just too small at the time. Attracting more users to site was the hardest thing. But I worked day and night to bring new freebies to our users. The moment I knew everything would work out well was when we were featured in the Mirror newspaper.

Did you ever employ staff as part of your affiliate business?

The decision to hire the first member of staff was really difficult.  I think for most business owners the first employee is always the hardest. It was a big leap of faith into the unknown. But looking back it, it was probably the best decision I ever made. We now have a team of four people based in the UK.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to budding entrepreneurs in our industry?

If you have an idea, go and make it happen.  The one thing I find most people fail to do is actually test their ideas to see if it’s viable. It’s now really easy to do with the growth of social media. You can setup a website in less than an hour. You can setup a Facebook page within 10 minutes! If you have a dream… follow it!

Do you have your own publisher story? We want to hear it! Please email to ‘’

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