– Actie 30% korting op nieuw abonnement

Pepper heeft nieuwe abonnementen! Members die tussen 1 juli en 31 juli een abonnement afsluiten, krijgen 30% korting van Pepper. Dus stel een nieuwe member sluit een abonnement voor 2 maanden af dan betaalt hij geen €17,50 per maand, maar €12,25 per maand.

Let op! Deze aanbieding geldt niet voor aankopen via de iOS app. Het afgesloten abonnement kan vervolgens wel gebruikt worden op zowel de (mobiele) site als beide Apps.
•    € 13,75 per maand€ 9,50 per maand bij 4 maanden
•    € 15,00 per maand€ 10,50 per maand bij 3 maanden
•    € 17,50 per maand€ 12,25 per maand bij 2 maanden
•    € 25,00 per maand€ 17,50 per maand bij 1 maand

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zanox Fashion Trendbarometer Frühjahr 2016 – So shoppt Deutschland online

Die Retail- und ganz besonders die Fashionbranche gehört zu den am meisten umkämpften Bereichen im Online-Business. Kaum ein Unternehmen kann es sich noch leisten nur offline zu existieren. Und wer will sich schon durch die …

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Cross Device Insights

shutterstock_323310032With the evolution in consumer behavior, it has become increasingly important for advertisers to understand the way in which customer journeys occur across multiple devices. For advertisers to truly understand the role of each device within customer journeys, the first step is to have the ability to track across devices.

Having launched our cross device tracking solution 14 months ago, the data we have collected has enabled us to unravel the complexities of customer journeys. It has also helped us to challenge some of the common misconceptions associated with the affiliate channel.

As a channel that has traditionally been focused on conversion – with the payment mechanism being based on receiving the final click, customer journeys through the affiliate channel have always been perceived to be incredibly short. Indeed, with incentivized traffic so prevalent in the channel, the time between final click and conversion is typically within 24 hours and often a lot shorter.

But has our obsession with the conversion diverted our attention away from what happens prior to this? Has it neglected to understand the role the affiliate channel plays as an influencing channel and with it the affiliates that are in fact adept at influencing purchases without necessarily driving the conversion?

Read more in our latest Cross Device Insights here on our Strategy Hub, featuring:

Device Cross Over looking at devices that initiate customer journeys and those that convert as well as the role of smartphones as an initiating device.

Sales Lags by Converting Device which considers the typical length between the initial click on a smartphone through to a conversion taking place and examines sales initiated on a smartphone that eventually converted on a desktop.

Impact on Average Order Values insight into smartphone AOV and how conversion rates impact the values.

Publisher Type Trends looking at and understand the publisher types, and individual publishers that had previously been missing out on sales as well as the makeup of a major advertiser with cross device tracking enabled alongside the share of sales by promotional type that are single device versus those that are cross device.

Read the full Cross Device Insights piece on our Strategy Hub.

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Power Of Pinterest: One in Ten Britons Are Influenced By Social Media Every Day

A recent survey conducted by affilinet has shed light on how much Britons feel influenced by accounts on social media, with 10% of Britons agreeing that they are influenced by social media every single day. Further to this, the survey revealed that, while both genders are most likely to follow money saving accounts over all others, holiday/travel and political accounts come in second and third place for men; while women were shown to be more likely to connect with pet/animal and food/beverage related accounts.

New research has uncovered more about the impact of social media, showing just how influenced Britons are by the up-and-coming stars of the digital age. The survey also cast light over what kind of accounts people are most likely to follow and how the sponsorship of posts, whereby brands pay social media influencers to post promotional messages advocating their brand or products, would affect the trust followers have in the account.

affilinet, commissioned research into the social influencer phenomenon, to investigate what makes an account or person ‘influential’ and how people interact with these accounts. Over 2,000 Britons were polled as part of the research, all of whom were aged 18 or over.

Initially, all respondents were asked how often they were influenced by social media accounts, to which more than a third (36%) stated that they were influenced in this way at least once a month. 10% confessed that they were influenced ‘daily’ and a further 16% said ‘weekly’. Of those that said they were influenced ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’, the majority were from London (23%).

All respondents were then asked “Are you aware that bloggers and people with lots of followers on social media often get paid to promote products for brands?” The majority (63%) stated that they were aware of this, although 48% of those taking part in the poll confirmed that knowing a post was sponsored would make no difference to their trust in it.

The survey also discovered that more than a quarter of people (27%) follow people on social media that they don’t know in real life; with the majority of these follows taking place on Facebook (75%), Twitter (55%) and Instagram (25%).

All respondents were then asked what kind of accounts they were most likely to follow, from a list of categories that was provided. The answers were divided according to gender, revealing the following:

Men’s Top Five:

  1. Money saving – 32%
  2. Holiday / travel – 25%
  3. Politics – 21%
  4. Food / beverage – 21%
  5. Health / wellbeing – 16%

Women’s Top Five:

  1. Money saving – 33%
  2. Pets / animals – 28%
  3. Food / beverage – 27%
  4. Health / wellbeing – 27%
  5. Holiday / travel – 24%


In order to understand what makes an account influential in the eyes of Britons, the survey then asked “What makes you consider a person or online account to be ‘influential’?” to which 36% stated that they would have to be ‘an expert on a subject’, 29% would have to ‘trust their opinion’ and 17% would need to ‘relate to their circumstances’. Furthermore, 11% said an influencer had to be ‘famous’ and just 9% said that they would expect an influencer to have ‘lots of followers’.

UK Managing Director at affilinet, Helen Southgate, commented:

“The way that we seek advice, ask questions, connect with our friends, look for reviews and get inspiration is changing all the time. Recently we have seen the rise of social media influencers,  similar to bloggers, but without the blogs, we can’t get enough of their Instagram accounts or Pinterest boards, their tweets and moving Facebook posts. From DIY designs and recipe ideas through to fashion inspiration and fitness techniques, these accounts are becoming our new addictions.”

She continued:

“Social media influencers are the next big thing when it comes to marketing. Already, we are seeing far more sponsored and promotional posts and, while there has been some backlash in certain instances, providing the sponsoring brands are relevant to the audience and authentic to the account, they are generally very well-received by the followers. It’s important that brands respect the accounts and followers, to maintain the level of trust that makes social media accounts so influential. We, for one, are really excited to see more brands working with influencers.”

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Win een gratis toegangskaart voor de Performance Marketing Insights Europe!

Dr-Andreas-WieleNog maar één week en dan vindt de Performance Marketing Insights Europe plaats! Dit is het online marketing event dat alle grote spelers uit de industrie zal samenbrengen in Hotel Okura, in Amsterdam.

We kunnen met vreugde meedelen dat Dr. Andreas Wiele, board member van Axel Springer SE, ook aanwezig zal zijn. Hij is tevens de keynote spreker van de sessie ‘Disrupt or Die – A Publisher’s Experience‘, die hij op dag twee van het event zal geven.

Tijdens deze digitale tijden, staan veel publishing partijen voor een moeilijke beslissing – gaan ze verder met dezelfde aanpak of veranderen ze hun aanpak om de levensduur van hun business te verlengen? Gebaseerd op de ervaringen die Andreas heeft opgedaan bij een van Europa’s grootste publishing houses, zal hij uitleggen waarom een ‘disruptive approach’ belangrijk én nodig is.

Deze sessie wil je zeker niet missen! Wees dus aanwezig op dinsdag 5 juli, van 14.30 – 15.15 uur.

Maar we hebben nog veel meer (goed) nieuws! We geven namelijk twee gratis toegangskaarten weg voor het event! Het enige wat jij hoeft te doen om kans te maken, is aan te geven (in één zin) waarom jij het PMI:EUR event wilt bijwonen. Geef jouw antwoord door via Facebook of Twitter en maak gebruik van de hashtag #zxPMI16, doe dit voor dinsdag 28 juni middernacht.

Op woensdag 29 juni zullen we de winnaars selecteren en bekendmaken, dus alvast veel succes!


  • De competitie loopt t/m 28 juni 2016.
  • Deelnemers moeten hun antwoord via onze Twitter en/of Facebook account doorgeven met de hashtag #zxPMI16 om kans te maken op de prijs.
  • Winnaars zullen 29 juni 2016 bekend gemaakt worden.
  • De competitie is open voor DE, FR, IT, PL, SE, ES, BR, NL, BE & BR.
  • Voor vragen, kan je contact opnemen met:
  • Winnaars moeten woensdag 29 juni 2016 bereikbaar zijn om de details van de prijs te bevestigen.
  • Een registratie link zal naar de winnaar gemaild worden om zich aan te melden voor het evenement.
  • Reis en overnachtingskosten zijn niet inbegrepen en moeten door de winnaar zelf betaald worden.
  • De winnaars zullen door het zanox Team geselecteerd worden.
  • Winnaars moeten aangemeld zijn bij het zanox netwerk om mee te kunnen doen.
  • Ongepaste antwoorden (of grof taalgebruik) zullen niet geaccepteerd worden.
  • zanox heeft het recht om deelnemers te diskwalificeren wanneer de voorwaarden verbroken worden.
  • zanox heeft het recht om de regels elk moment te wijzigen.
  • Winnaars moeten boven de 18 jaar zijn.
  • Er zijn geen alternatieve prijzen.
  • Over de uitslag kan niet worden gecorrespondeerd.
  • De competitie is niet open voor werknemers van Digital Window en de zanox Group.
  • zanox is niet verantwoordelijk voor deelnemingen die niet goed ontvangen zijn door communicatieproblemen waar wij geen invloed op hebben.

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