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Affiliate Window started 2016 with three clear goals in mind; help publishers better demonstrate their value, enhance advertiser’s understanding of the channel and make it easier to access and utilise the network’s vast amounts of data.

These objectives have been front of mind for the last year and have seen Affiliate Window enhance its tools, grow the adoption of alternative payment models and strengthened the industry’s understanding of how modern day shopping behaviour is impacting the affiliate channel. We hope this has struck a chord with all of our clients and that it will help when deliberating over your choices at this year’s Performance Marketing Awards.

Publishers are the lifeblood of affiliate marketing and they have diversified immensely since the industry’s inception more than a decade ago. It’s no longer enough to just have a website, publishers are required to understand how to use affiliate links across social channels and how to convince advertisers that their value is under represented by a last click model. We therefore leant our voice to the publisher cause in highlighting that rewarding for influence is more than paying on assists and that the average Christmas shopper was hugely swayed by influence and persuasion. There were in excess of 2,000 influence payments throughout the year, demonstrating that publishers are starting to be recognised for their true value. The personal experiences of publishers using the Opportunity Marketplace also served as a reminder to the industry that publishers can successfully set the terms under which they do business. It was hugely encouraging to see that publishers who used the Marketplace had on average a 38% higher CPA rate.

The most impactful event of last year was the evolution of Affiliate Window’s global cross device tracking alongside a suite of enhanced reports and fascinatingly, a never seen before review of cross device shopping behaviour. Some conclusions were expected such as “smartphones influence more than they convert” but there were considerably more notable ones in seeing that “content publishers benefitted disproportionally to incentive publishers for cross device shopping.” The year drew to a close with 100m+ global profiles created and the agreement of 99.9% of Affiliate Window’s clients to embrace cross device sales. Determined to challenge the industry even further, Affiliate Window took to the stage at London PMI 2016 to discuss Where is Affiliate Marketing Heading? The outcome of some radical ideas were explored in detail and solutions were offered to advertisers seeking to diversify their range of publishers and fend off the impact of future macro and micro influences to the industry.

The enhancements to tracking created an increased understanding of shopping behaviour but also made possible the sharing of new insights. Affiliate Window tracks a lot of data but without context, it has little value and even less meaning. The goal to make network data accessible and interactive came to fruition with the release of Public Interactive Reports which ranged from Sector benchmarking for SMEs right through to monthly mobile commerce updates. The culmination of the network’s data efforts came in November where our live data visualisation site helped bring to life the 24hr story of an average Black Friday consumer. It was the first time that what is generally perceived as a complex industry was able to share a story completely relatable to the general public and by consequence grew the reputation of affiliate marketing.

A network is only ever as good as its clients and none of the achievements of 2016 would have been possible without the support of our advertisers and publishers. We’re thrilled to see many of them shortlisted for the PMA’s this year and we wish you all good luck. A big congratulations must also go to Topshop (Best Brand Engagement), The Hut Group for Lookfantastic (Best Influencer Campaign), BT & John Lewis (Best Managed and best in Telco/Retail respectively) and last but by no means least Topman & Vouchercloud (Most Creative Campaign).

The industry continues to evolve at pace and creating an environment in which new affiliate marketers can prosper is a subject close to all of our hearts and one that Affiliate Window will always remain committed to. Our progress this year has been hugely encouraging and bringing new clients to the industry such as one major airline and Wayfair offers great reassurance that affiliate marketing still has room for growth. Winning the Network of Choice Award would be a vote of confidence for all that we stand for, from an industry that we believe in and are hugely passionate about.

If you’d like to vote for us this year, you can do so here.


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Turn Content into Commerce with Monotote and Affiliate Window

tabletAffiliate Window have launched their latest partnership with e-commerce technology solution, monotote.com.

As a network dedicated to showcasing the latest technology, Affiliate Window are excited to announce the launch of their new partnership with Monotote, an e-commerce technology solution that turns images and video into shoppable products on owned domains.

This solution enables publishers to monetise images on their site, rather than images shared through social media.

What do Monotote do?

Monotote transforms inspirational images and video on your site into shoppable moments, giving audiences the power to shop at the ‘point of inspiration’ within their favourite website or app. By removing distracting redirections, Monotote eliminates the gap between inspiration and purchase, allowing for a seamless shopping experience.

For advertisers, Monotote opens new revenue paths and grows brand value through contextual commerce. For publishers, it allows them to deepen audience connection with their great content and grow loyalty as well as revenue. Monotote has a proven record of increasing conversion and driving greater sales.

“There is now a great opportunity for millions of consumers to be able to buy products when they are most excited by brilliant content – to purchase at the point of inspiration” comments Mike Van Geldorp, CEO Monotote.

Monotote works by tagging images with buy buttons that are linked to a secure and always up-to-date Universal Shopping Cart. Orders are processed onsite through Monotote’s plugin, however, the retailer remains the merchant of record and retains control of the customer experience. You can learn more about how Monotote works here.

“The idea of a universal cart has been around for some years now, but adoption has been slow because of concerns about data security, customer ownership and overly complicated integrations. Monotote have a solution that addresses all of these” says Paul Stewart, Head of Publisher Services at Affiliate Window.

How does integration work?

For advertisers, integration is simple and generally uses a real-time feed via an API that can be created by the Monotote team. Publishers can integrate through a simple JavaScript plugin.

How secure is Monotote?

Orders are placed through Monotote’s secure API over an SSL connection, and are highly encrypted. Payment information is deleted from servers immediately after an order is completed, and every part of the process is PCI compliant, meaning advertisers can rest assured that Monotote is secure.

How to join Monotote on Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window have teamed up with Monotote to make signing up easy and straightforward. For advertisers, please get in touch with your Affiliate Window contact, who will guide you on the setup process.

For publishers, simply click here to enter your Affiliate Window account number and Monotote will contact you to get you going.

For general information, please visit monotote.com. For more Advertiser and Publisher information, head to our advertiser page or publisher page.

For Press enquiries, please contact:
Monotote: Geoff Sutton, Geoff.sutton@monotote.com
Affiliate Window: Claire Mullan, claire.mullan@affiliatewindow.com

About Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network. We exist to provide clients with reach across the Internet, the best service and technology in our field, underpinned by a desire to innovate and challenge convention in online marketing. Our service has led to us receiving numerous awards including the UK’s coveted Industry Choice of Network award nine times.

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Publisher newsletter 21st February 2017

tabletTips on hosting your website + the latest advertiser and publisher interviews:

– Advertiser Interview: Under Armour Are Empowering Athletes And Incentivising Publishers

– Pouch Are Presenting Top Voucher Codes And A Seamless Shopping Experience

– Turn Content Into Commerce With Monotote And Affiliate Window

– Publisher Tips: Where should I host my website?

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Pouch: Presenting top voucher codes and a seamless shopping experience

tabletDesigned to save consumers time, money and hassle when shopping around for voucher codes, Pouch is a platform which will do the hard work for you. We Speak to Ben Corrigan, Co-founder and Marketing Director of Pouch to find out more.

Pouch is a free browser application to present users with the best voucher code available, what was the need behind launching this tool?

As a consumer, it is simply too hard and frustrating to find and redeem valid voucher codes when shopping online. The whole experience is very fractured. For retailers, Pouch satisfies several needs. Retailers spend millions of pounds driving users to their websites, and millions more optimizing those sites for conversions, yet 75 per cent of users abandon the checkout page. One of the most common causes of this is due to users leaving to search for voucher codes. Thanks to Pouch, retailers no longer need to rescind control of their user journey; the user stays on the website and enjoys a seamless experience, while retailers see a direct increase in sales.

How does the Pouch platform work with voucher code sites and advertisers?

Pouch does not currently work in collaboration with voucher code websites. In fact, once a user downloads Pouch, they should hopefully have very little reason to visit another voucher code website again. We currently access our voucher codes through Network APIs and exclusive offers negotiated with the advertiser.

As a browser extension/plug-in, we have uniquely extensive access to anonymised user data which allows us to analyse shopping and browsing behaviour across entire user journeys (because we sit directly in the user’s browser, rather than as a script/tag solution within a retailer’s website). This basically gives us a bird’s eye view of each individuals experience online.

Therefore, being intelligent with our collection and use of data is core to our entire value proposition for both users and the brands that we work alongside. By speaking with key retailers/advertisers and understanding their specific commercial objectives and KPIs, we can negotiate exclusive voucher codes/discounts on behalf our users in very targeted circumstances. We utilise a multitude of datapoints when targeting our users with exclusively negotiated voucher codes, ranging from generic parameters such as ‘device’ and ‘geo-location’, to more sophisticated criteria such as ‘the value of a user’s shopping basket’ and their ‘propensity to purchase’.

This has allowed Pouch to scale during this growth phase, and provide a better service to our users as well as allow our retailers to remain diligent about their margins whilst decreasing shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.

Do you have plans to offer the tool on all browsers?

Yes. We are currently available on Google Chrome, but are waiting for approval on Firefox. We expect to launch Pouch on Firefox before the end of February. This will give us access to another 25% of desktop shoppers who exclusively user the Firefox browser.

The next browser after Firefox that Pouch will launch on will be Safari.

How are you looking to grow Pouch further through Affiliate Window?

Affiliate Window is key to Pouch’s growth because of it’s size, and the quality of top-tier retailers that it services. Additionally, because of it’s integration with Zanox Group, it represents a great partnership for our plans to expand into Western Europe.

As a very new publisher working in a slightly contentious space (voucher codes, cash back, plug-ins etc can sometimes be a bit complicated to navigate), we have been really uplifted by the adoption rates from Affiliate Window Merchants and Account Managers so far. Our initial objectives are to work with as many retailers as possible, and to run some very innovative and well targeted campaigns utilising the enormous amount of anonymised data we have access to, as well as promoting retailer offers through more traditional routes such as email and our social channels.

We have lots of exciting new features we are going to roll out in the coming months, especially our mobile solution which looks like it could be game-changing for Merchants. Through close collaboration with Affiliate Window, and some out-of-the-box thinking, our aim is to be one of the most important publishers on the Network by the end of 2017.

With activity across mobile devices growing, how are you adapting your strategy around this trend?

Whilst mobile is certainly very high on our agenda, we are focusing on perfecting our desktop proposition first. Whilst mobile is seeing the lion share in overall growth in online spend in the UK, desktop is also still a growing channel and is the largest for most verticals.

We have produced a couple of prototypes for a Pouch mobile proposition on IOS, which are showing some great promise. We want to speak more closely with retailers about their pain points so that we can build something great. We expect to launch our mobile solution in Q4.

Whilst we solidify our business around browser extensions, we are exploring and prototyping using various channels like Chat bots, Voicebots and Mobile apps to leverage the data we currently hav

What may we not know about Pouch?

We launched on September 1st 2016 and have already received our first round of investment. We are going to open up an even larger round in May to help maintain our forecasted growth. We were named as one of the top 20 start-ups by one of Europe’s largest accelerator programmes MassChallenge, and have been featured in Forbes, Metro, The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph and more.

Our overarching aim is to be the indispensable tool for shopping online. We are uniquely placed to interact with our users at multiple touch points throughout their buying journeys. In addition, as a browser extension, we have unbridled access to highly relevant data that we can leverage on behalf of our users to negotiate targeted deals and promotions from retailers. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality over the next few years, we are excited to help drive the new wave of machine learning in the retail/commerce sector.

We are based in the Tobacco Docks in Shadwell, very close to Affiliate Window!

To discuss opportunites email Ben or find out more about the programme here.

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Advertiser of the Month: Under Armour are empowering athletes and incentivising publishers

tabletUnder Armour has a brand vision of empowering athletes everywhere. A leader in performance apparel, footwear and accessories, Under Armour work to acheive this through passion, design and innovation. Featuring as our Advertiser of the Month throughout February, we’ve spoken to Anais Peyrazat, Affiliate and Partnership Marketing Specialist at Under Armour to find out more about the incentive and how the affiliate channel supports their brand ethos.


Under Armour is an athletic brand built on passion, design and innovation, how do you think the affiliate channel helps contribute to this mission?

Under Armour’s main mission in Europe is indeed to convey passion and also inspire people. Brand awareness being our main KPI, we relentlessly challenge ourselves to build the excitement amongst our partners. Affiliate marketing by its essence is an ideal platform to share our stories through premium brand ambassadors. Every affiliate is a link in the value chain and has a significant impact on the quality & efficiency of the message. When successfully executed, a motivational and innovative campaign with a key partner really helps the brand to stand out.

An excited partner trying to translate its audience into brand inspired users will eventually lead to conversions, so we benefit from the channel on many levels.

As a mobile optimised program, have you felt the benefit of cross-device technology?

We are a mobile optimised webshop but not a mobile optimised affiliate programme, yet. Mobile optimisation is one of our main goal for 2017 and the cross-device technology will definitely help us achieve this. We pay particular attention to our customers’ journeys and it is clearly acknowledged that cross-device purchasing is now a common behavior. Our current undertaking is to integrate this level of information as much as possible in decision-making and development plan for the Affiliate channel.

Which products tend to see the highest conversion rates when it comes to affiliate sales?

We have a variety of product categories in our best sellers. But Under Armour has focus on expanding the footwear collection with even more exciting ranges along with our core apparel collections. Check it out!

Tell us a little more about why publishers should get involved in your February Advertiser of the Month incentive?

We want to give everyone the opportunity to become an Under Armour brand ambassador/affiliate. We are always excited to receive new applications. Plus we love our new collection and a lucky winner will receive a head-to-toe outfit as a reward for their inspirational/motivational content!

For more information on the Under Armour February incentive see here or join the programme here.

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London Fashion Week: Tips to get your invite

tabletLondon Fashion Week is one of the biggest dates in the calendar for the UK fashion industry. As a matter of fact, fashionistas all over the world attend as a main fashion industry event twice a year. The event lasts approximately 7 days and runs in 4 locations, New York, London, Paris and Milan. These cities are the most renowned for fashion week with the fashion shows running in this order every season.

The nature of the event is industry focused and the attendees are always either buyers or press. Fashion shows are held in order to sell and promote new collections and this is why the two main categories of attendees – digital influencers and publishers, fall into the press group. They help promote the shows that they attend via their blogs and social media platforms with most of the shows also having a plethora of celebrities attending in order to raise the profile within media.

Most fashion bloggers and publishers aim to attend fashion week and in this post we wanted to share tips on how to get your hands on the ticket to attend shows in London. Starting with basics, you are not able to purchase tickets for the LFW or any fashion weeks for that matter.

So how do you get an invite to Fashion Week shows? Firstly, in order to request an invite, you will need to visit the British Fashion Council and apply for the press accreditation. The accreditation starts few months before the season kicks off and it’s your way into the fashion week shows. Once you meet the BFC accreditation requirements, they will review your application and either accept or decline it. As a blogger you need to have an existing platform that drives a good amount of traffic.

In order to get an invite, you will need to request it from brand PR representatives. The British Fashion Council will then send the show schedule and press contacts that you can reach out to and request your tickets. Once you have requested a ticket you can expect a yes or no, after all it’s a very popular event amongst fashionistas. It’s important to bear in mind that the request sent to PR teams for the tickets should be stating why you would want to attend the show and how they can benefit from your presence. Also, its recommended to include an example of site content and what exposure they can expect from you in return. You should also tell them about the amount of readers and followers your blog/site attracts or send them your media pack.

The first show of the day is often a morning slot around 9am – 10am and they keep going till 7pm – 8pm, resulting in full day of shows, presentations and meetings. In addition, there are various blogger events and parties to attend so it’s good to bear in mind that the day can be a long one but nonetheless very fun and productive.

Despite Fashion Week looking quite glamorous, it can be a lot of work – especially if you are wearing high heels thought the day and need to run in between the shows. The adrenaline on the other hand will make you forget about any discomfort that you are feeling and your new blogger friends will be on the same page.

Knowing that the British Fashion Council is recognising your contribution to the industry can feel very rewarding and it will make you feel that the hard work you put in pays off. More information can be found on British Councils website here.

In summary, LFW is a great event both for advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can reach out to the influencers that are attending the show and offer to dress them in order to promote clothes and the latest lines. There are also opportunities to get featured in digital publications including Vogue during LFW as many photographers are on the hunt for Influencer styles to feature on their client’s website. It’s also a great opportunity to network and gain contacts within the industry and build working relationship.

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One week on from the IAB’s First Performance Affiliate Conference

tabletOn Wednesday January 25th, The IAB hosted it’s first ever Performance Affiliate Conference showcasing a range industry of panels, talks and insights.

Set within the walls of London’s British Museum, this milestone event not only demonstrated how much the affiliate channel has grown, but perhaps more importantly, how seriously it is now viewed by the wider channels.

The free event hosted an action-packed agenda with brand speakers taking to the stage throughout the day. The first session was a sponsors’ panel introduced by The IAB’s Head of Industry Programmes, Clare O’Brien and chaired by The IAB’s ex-CEO, Guy Phillipson. Steve Wilson of BT followed by sharing a client’s view of the industry and responding to those criticisms often faced within the industry, stating: ‘we need to bust the myths around lack of incrementality in the Affiliate channel’.

Ido Padani, CCO of Maple Syrup Media continued discussions after the first break of the day, expressing how important it is to understand engagement, followed by fireside chats with Tesco and Saltrock. Talks from Lloyds and the co-founder of Secret Escapes followed, complemented by speaker sessions from Quidco and Intu. PwC also gave an overview of how the UK is continuing to drive digital marketing adoption.

After the lunch break, the second half of the day saw installments from more traditional publishers, as VoucherCodes.co.uk’s, Claire Davenport explained how to survive disruption and a second fireside chat got underway with Russel Carter, Head of Content Commercialisation at Trinity Mirror and Jo Holdaway, Chief Data Officer at ESI Media

 who detailed how traditional publishing works with commercial models built on digital only.

Affiliate originals and entrepreneurs, Duncan Jennings of Hoop, Sri Sharma of Increasingly and Leo Harrison of Squawka, drew the day to a close as they each told a story of how they built their successful publisher businesses before selling and moving on to new ventures; discussing why it has become such a mainstay of the digital marketing economy and sharing their views of how the industry will be shaped in the future.

You can begin to see some video’s from the day here, including the BT presentation and the publisher fireside chat.

Affiliate Window’s Global Strategy Director, Keven Edwards comments on the day: “This event marks an important milestone for the affiliate industry. With almost three quarters of attendees being client-side the event offered a fantastic opportunity to discuss the most important issues that will shape how affiliate marketing programmes are run in 2017. It was particularly interesting to hear about a noticeable shift in focus to qualitative measurement that will help push the channel further up the priority list. Similarly it is also encouraging to see how traditional media is increasingly turning to online acquisition tactics to boost revenue. The event is one we’d love to see become a permanent fixture on the events’ calendar”.

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Publisher newsletter 31st January 2017

tabletTen affiliate marketing trends for 2017 + SEO & PPC publisher tips!:

– Ten Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2017

– IAB hosts the first Performance Affiliate Conference

– Need Assistance As A Publisher? Our Wiki Can Help

– Using PPC to shape your keyword research & SEO strategy

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Publisher newsletter 24th January 2017

tabletTop 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies, new Publisher Interview + Instagram tips!:

– Affiliate Window Features Under The Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies

– Publisher Tips on using Instagram

– Getting To Know The Fastest Growing Online Apparel Brand

– Five Reasons Why You Need To Be At The IAB’s First Affiliate Conference

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